ELLIS Foladable Sofa Bed


Elevated Queen Size Foldable Sofa Bed for dual purpose sit/sleep functioning.

High quality elevated bed at night that can be easily transformed into an elegant sofa for visitors to your home to sit during the day.

Smart design to ensure comfort regardless of whether acting as a bed or as a sofa.

Comes with comfortably attached pillows and leg stands to differentiate itself from the usual sofa bed design.

Enjoy a good night rest with elevated comfort and a gorgeous looking sofa with leg stands for sitting.



Elevated Foldable Sofa Bed 

Comes in 2 different colors:

  • Navy Blue
  • Coffee Brown

Delivery Notice

  • We will do a pre-assembly of your order before delivery.
  • Our Free Delivery is from 10am to 7pm.

Navy Blue Super Single 120cm, Coffee Brown Super Single 120cm, Navy Blue Queen 150cm, Coffee Brown Queen 150cm, Navy Blue Single 80cm, Coffee Blue Single 80cm