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  • Aluminium Frame, ADC#12 strengthened aluminium with polished surface
  • Mesh: Highly elastic Korean Wintex GT mesh
  • Lumbar Support: High density foam pad upholstery
  • Armrest: Paddle shift wire control system, glass fiber with soft PU cover
  • Central controlling unit: double spring paddle shift wire control mechanism with aluminium shell, anti-corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Gas Lift: Korean Samhongsa double walled class IV 85 mm drive
  • Base: 350mm polished aluminum base with noise reduction design
  • Casters: 65 mm anti scratch PU castor
  • Grade 12.9 strength bolts for key parts

Warranty:  2 years local warranty against manufacturer defects for all parts.

Max load up to 200kg

Color Choice

Black, Grey


1.Backrest: Backrest tilting angle can be locked in 15 positions within 33 degrees by arm paddle.

2.Lumbar support: height adjustable range within 5 cm.

3.Seat height: height is adjustable range within 7 cm by arm paddle.

4.Seat Sliding: seat sliding range within 5 cm.

5.Seat Sliding Tension: adjustable as according to different user profile

6.Armrest: Height adjustable within 5 cm for 5 level and pivot in 3 directions within 28 degrees.

7.Gas Lift: Customized, load-bearing 250 kg, height adjustable within 7 cm.

8.Casters: rolling test for 100,000 times.

10.Headrest:  fully adjustable headrest

11.Paddle Shift Wire Control System: The backrest tilt lock and seat height is controlled by mechanism via the paddles under the arm.