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Grab a Seat, Be at Ease!

As a company founded and grown in Singapore, Myseat strives in every way to contribute back to the local community. We believe that every student deserves to have a space to study comfortably at home. 
Started from September 2020, we have been regularly giving out sets of tables and chairs to local families in need, for free.  

Mr. A is a father of 4 kids. His nieces and nephews are also currently living together. Altogether he and his wife have to take care of 7 kids in the family. Adding on to the already tight financial situation, Mr. A had an injury on his knees recently and is unable to work ever since then. When we came to his house, the kids were either sitting on the sofa or on the mattresses on the floor. We immediately decided to deliver two sets of study tables and chairs to them; one in the bedroom and one in the living area. Now they can study both in or outside their room! 

Mr B has 3 kids and is the only one working in the family. In order to support a family of 5, he has to work from day to night and even part-time on weekends. When we arrived at his place, he told us that initially, he wanted to look for 2nd hand furniture when the table in the kids’ room spoiled. But fortunately, his friend told him about Myseat’s campaign and we were able to deliver a set of study tables and chairs to him in time. Now, his daughter can read comfortably at home! 


Many people have lost their job due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Mr. C unfortunately is one of them. Ever since the circuit breaker started, he and his wife had no choice but to stay at home. Finding a job has never been so difficult, let alone they had to take care of these two lovely boys of theirs. When Mr C reached out to us, we immediately decided to give them our support by providing them with one set of study tables and chairs. Though it will still be years till their school journey officially start, we wish these two pieces of time-lasting furniture will accompany them for years as they grow up.

When Mr D came to us, we were quite surprised that he himself is the applicant for the set of table and chair. He told us that he’s currently in secondary three, and will be taking his N’ level exams next year. He really needed a place to study quietly at home to prepare for his exams. Later we found out that his father passed away a few years back and he’s now staying together with his mom, who’s unable to work due to a health problem. After hearing that, we proceed with the application right away without hesitation and arranged the delivery in the shortest time possible. He now has a space of his own to study at home, and we wish Mr D all the best for his exams next year!

‘Grab a seat, Be at Ease’ is a campaign that will always be ongoing. Together, we hope to bring about lasting change to the kids’ life and most importantly, make Singapore a better home, for our next generation.

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