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"Taking care of wood furniture is easy! "
Furniture Maintenance

There’s a stereotype that solid wood furniture are easy to get molds. The chance for it actually to happen is very low if you perform good maintenance on a regular basis.You don’t have to dust your furniture every day, but we do recommend that you do a quick cleaning once a week. Our goal for this post is to make sure you know what to do if you come across one of your wood furniture pieces that needs some minor repairs, cosmetic work, or more than just a quick cleaning. As with anything you buy, misuse or abuse can create damage over time. 

here are a few tips that will help prevent damage to your beautiful wood furniture.

Maintaining your wooden furniture is essential for it to look its best. To avoid any lasting damage, care should be taken to not use excessive amounts of water when cleaning. A simple and effective way of keeping the wooden furniture in prime condition is by wiping with a damp microfibre cloth together with some gentle dishwashing liquid. For more tips on how you can keep your coffee table looking great, our guide will prove invaluable! responsible business and doing our part to create sustainable products.

The summer sun can be harsh for wooden furniture, as constant exposure to UV rays and heat can lead to the formation of unsightly spots. To protect your pieces from damage, it is best practice to keep them under cover or in shaded areas away from windows exposed directly to sunlight. Alternatively, you may opt for exterior furnishings made with durable polymers that require little maintenance over extended periods without sacrificing a natural wood appearance.

Proper care and maintenance can keep your solid wood table looking as good as the day you got it. To ensure a smooth application, use only polish that does not contain silicone wax; additionally, be sure to utilize lint-free cloths while polishing in order to avoid any residue. The process may take a bit of effort but is worth it – when practiced twice per year, your furniture will appear brand new!

Protect the beauty of your wood furniture by using coasters, place mats or other protective items beneath hot and cold objects. Even so, be aware that metal coasters can cause sweating on the table surface. A good rule to remember is “If it’s too warm to hold without burning yourself – then it’s also too hot for your wooden tables.” Avoid placing searing mugs onto their surfaces as this could lead to permanent heat staining.

To keep your wood surfaces safe from mold, it is essential to take proactive measures. If the damage has already occurred and spread too deeply into the wood, sadly you will need to replace it. The most impactful way of avoiding this problem is by drying any wet areas quickly as well as monitoring humidity levels in your home — aiming for no more than 60 percent at all times. To assist with moisture control consider investing in a dehumidifier while regularly ventilating rooms with fresh air via open windows or fans

It’s imperative that wood surfaces be regularly monitored for signs of mold; as soon any growth is detected, immediate steps must be taken to contain it before things worsen. For those seeking guidance on how best to remove the existing mould and inhibit future development, a range of natural or chemical treatments are available – such as Clorox – which can effectively stop further contamination from occurring. But rather than relying solely upon treatment options afterwards, proactively taking measures in order to prevent damp conditions within your home will prove more beneficial long-term in keeping potential fungus progression at bay.

Clorox - Mold & Mildew Remover with Bleach

Removes mold and mildew, leaving no residue behind.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Powerfully removes mold & mildew in under 1 minute
  • Safe for use on most bathroom surfaces
  • Does not leave residue behind


  • Spray surface until thoroughly wet. 
  • Leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing.
  • Heavy mildew buildup may require longer contact time or two cleanings.

Don't Let Fear of Maintenance Keep You From Owning Wooden Furniture!

Owning solid wood furniture can seem like a huge commitment, but with the right maintenance you will be able to reap endless benefits. Investing in solid wood furniture is a great way to add timeless charm and style to your home that can be enjoyed for years. Taking the time to properly maintain this type of furniture will ensure it lasts generations, providing you with many wonderful memories along the way. To best preserve its excellent condition, implementing certain measures such as using coasters, placemats or tablecloths when required; dusting frequently; polishing twice annually; filling any nicks and scratches and controlling humidity levels are all essential steps worth taking seriously!

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