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Feature Wall

Natural design elements are always homeowners and designers’ favorite. Wood is the undoubted leader of this pack with modern homes embracing the warmth and organic elegance of the material at its beautiful best. A feature wall in wood is a great way to bring in both visual and textural contrast without ever trying too hard. A feature wall addition also demands little work when compared to a complete living room remodel and you have a relaxing backdrop as well as a captivating focal point for your refreshing interior. Wood feature walls are a timeless choice. Be it modern industrial, shabby chic, modern eclectic or farmhouse; irrespective of the style of your living space, a smart wooden feature wall fits in snugly. The finish, type of wood, texture and hue might have to vary depending on the subtle changes in the living room. But a feature wall in wood is a versatile addition that is both neutral and dramatic at the same time. 

If you’re unsure of which type of wood wall speaks to you, you can speak to us.

Standard Wood Feature Wall

Minimal design calls for an equally sleek, minimal wall treatment. This modern feature wall will give u major vibes with its Mid-Century elements. It's the perfect contrast to any flooring types of your living space. There's a reason wood feature wall have been around for centuries—they're reliable and fairly timeless. Whether you lean more classic or modern, incorporating a wood feature wall in your homes can get you there.

Slant Wood Panels Feature Wall

A part from vertical and horizontal installations, you will want to keep this new take on hand for renovation inspiration. Paired with a classic floor and vintage-inspired styling, the diagonal wood panels feature wall expertly toe the line between modern and rustic. How you install wood and the shapes you choose to include change everything. We design and create for you a geometric pattern with distinct shapes, angles, and colors for a feature wall that really makes a statement.

Wood Feature Wall with Storage

Being practical in your home design is a must, especially when you lack the space. But functionality without form is blah and boring. We create and design various interpretations to a TV feature wall with storage. It can come with a completely or partially concealed storage for an additional hint of sophistication. This type of practical feature wall is perfect for space maximization, especially homes with limited space.

Vertical Wood Panels Feature Wall

If you love the modern farmhouse style, a vertical wood panels feature wall will add a little rustic flair to a contemporary room. Today's wood paneling is a statement that adds character to any home space. While it retained its texture-inducing, warm feel, wood paneling has cast off the tacky stigma and made a complete comeback. This feature wall gives you clean lines, also helps visually stretching the room upwards giving the illusion that it's taller, making a major difference.

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