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Non-Toxic Furniture

Formaldehyde & VOC Actually Matters

Many homeowners underestimate the dangers of formaldehyde, the most common type of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), found in furniture.

There are actual reports of Singaporean families experiencing a range of health issues in their newly furnished homes.

Tests revealed that their furniture emitted dangerously high levels of formaldehyde, exceeding safety standards by up to 60 times.

Dispelling the Myth of Furniture Formaldehyde

A common myth is that you can let your home air out for several months, but in fact, the emissions can persist for years, even decades, causing instant irritation and slow poisoning.

This is because manmade furniture materials such as plywood and particle boards contain large amount of toxic glue.

That’s why choosing non-toxic furniture is crucial if you truly value the health and well-being of your loved ones.

Make a healthier difference with solid wood

At myseat.sg, we craft every piece of furniture to be formaldehyde free, ensuring long-term worry-free health protection for you and your family.

Non-Toxic Solid Wood Material

We use only the highest quality, responsibly sourced solid wood, free from harmful chemicals and treatments. This ensures our furniture is durable and safe for your family.

All Natural Wood Finishes

Our commitment to non-toxicity extends to our finishing processes. We use all-natural, plant-derived wood finishes that penetrate deeply into the wood, preserving its natural beauty and providing a protective barrier without harmful chemicals.

Certifications & Testing

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure our furniture is formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, and family-friendly.

SGS Zero Formaldehyde Emission

Certified by SGS, our furniture is verified to have zero formaldehyde emissions, providing you with complete assurance of a non-toxic environment.

A+ Indoor Air Quality & Emission

Our furniture has achieved the A+ rating in indoor air quality, the highest certification for low emissions, ensuring that our products contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

FDA Food Contact Safety Standards

We adhere to the FDA standards for materials that come into contact with food, ensuring that our finishes are safe enough to be used even in environments where food contact might occur.

EU Child Toy Safety Standards

Our finishes and materials meet the stringent safety requirements of the European Union’s child toy safety standards, making our furniture safe for even the youngest members of your family.

Future-proofing Your Home with Timeless Solid Wood Furniture

Your furniture carries the natural spirit of solid wood, thoughtfully crafted with over 10 years of solid wood expertise.
Discover more about our commitments in promoting solid wood furniture for life.

Solid woods, solid homes

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