Reasons To Love Platform Beds


With so many bed frame alternatives to choose from, it can be challenging to know if platform beds are a good fit for you. Platform beds are becoming favoured, and specific designs have become lately famous for their contemporary look, but that’s not the only reason people love them. Read on to discover if platform beds are the bed frame for you.


But first, what is a platform bed?


A platform bed is a bed frame with a flat top that may not be slatted for added ventilation. Platform beds are unique because they can provide adequate support and are raised to a sufficient level that requires no box spring. Moreover, metal or wood slats are closely packed and thus offer ultimate support. Hence, when you buy it, you make savings since you won’t need a box spring foundation. 



Platform beds offer many surprising benefits, and no wonder they are currently in popular demand. Below are a few benefits of platform beds you might want to know;

  • Budget-friendly – Since platform beds don’t need box springs, they are cheaper than a frame and box spring combination. You don’t need any other mattress foundation besides the platform bed. If you are on a tight budget and looking for the right kind of bed, then platform beds just might make your day. However, despite the minimal materials, they surprisingly look elegant and hard to resist. 


  • Provides the proper reading or watching posture before sleeping- Many of us don’t just go to bed and sleep right away, but more often, we will watch our favourite show or read a book from the bed. A platform bed, therefore, turns to be handy. It gives you the provision to attach a headboard and a footboard. You can thus lean comfortably as you enjoy some activities before drifting to sleep. In addition to providing support, the flat platform frame also makes the bed more stable than other bed frames. This stability suits people who toss and turn and heavier individuals who need a safe, sturdy bed. 


  • Storage – Not all of us have been privileged to live in spacious apartments. But a bedroom needs to be well organized to leave some perimeter space around it. A platform bed helps you to achieve that. When fully assembled, it goes significant underframe clearance. Many platform beds come with storage drawers built under the mattress platform. 


  • Easy to assemble – Platform beds can be easily broken apart and put together with simple instructions. The easy-to-install functionality is one of the most significant advantages to a platform bed. Although they come disassembled, joining platform beds isn’t a problematic task. The bed frames are packaged to pass through even narrow passages. Furthermore, all the tools you need to join the edges together form part of the package. 


  • Good air ventilation and support – A mattress’s life depends on the foundation’s surface, construction materials, and air circulation. A platform bed ensures proper air ventilation and help to maximize your mattress’s life.


  • Platform beds come in various layouts with various designs and styles – from bold and creative to sleek and minimalist. Traditional, modern, and Asian designs are trendy and constantly being made to keep up with the contemporary trend. When buying a platform bed, the crucial part is choosing the one that will best fit your bedroom’s harmony and space since replacing the one you already bought is challenging and time-consuming. Most platform beds are constructed from solid wood, metal, or a mixture of the two. As a result, they are made in a variety of styles. It is easy to find a style that blends well with your bedroom and doesn’t narrow your choice to one or two designs. 

Are platform beds better or worse for your back?

Platforms are simply raised wood supports that sit beneath a mattress instead of a foundation. A low-quality or worn-out mattress won’t be comfortable for most people over 25. (Under that age, it doesn’t make much difference what they sleep on.) But, with the extra-thick high-quality mattresses widely available nowadays, there shouldn’t be any problems, and the platform bed will not be felt.


Are platform beds good for side sleepers?

Sleeping on your side has a few advantages oversleeping on your stomach or back. For example, sleeping on your side can prevent snoring, reduce heartburn, and boost your digestion properties.

Realizing that most of us have a preferred sleep position we turn to night after night, mattress companies have developed products that cater specifically to different styles of sleepers. And with more than half of all of us sleeping on our side, there is an excellent range of options built specifically for side sleepers.

What makes platform beds suitable for overweight individuals?

Unlike most other beds, platform beds can be perfect for heavier individuals if the right bed frame is chosen.

Lying in your bed waiting for a good night’s rest should be a welcome thought. You should look forward to getting comfortable in your bed, but not everyone looks forward to bedtime. If you’re heavier, you might hate going to bed because your mattress doesn’t seem as comfortable as when you bought it, or you’ve started to notice squeaks and creaks when you shift in bed.


People will spend one-third of their lives in bed on average. Therefore, choosing which type of bed to buy is very important. When you are having trouble deciding whether to buy a platform or some other kind, it is essential to know the qualities of each. 


We hope this article gave you some insight into what platform beds are, how they differ from other types of beds, and why they are so good for you. Now, it’s only up to you to decide which one to pick since one thing is sure, you can’t go wrong with platform beds. 

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